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I drive all the way from the east coast of Florida to the Naples area so I can Paddle with Mike. I enjoy the paddle trip, the scenery, the wildlife and the enthusiasm. Didn’t even realize I was smiling from ear to ear until saw the trip photos.

I highly recommend signing up for a tour with Mike and you will understand why I make that long drive.



The writer whole-heartedly recommends Mike Devlin as a kayak tour guide and teacher. In addition to his impressive background in kayaking at a world class level Mike is a personable guy who very much cares about his touring paddlers and his students. His touring and teaching technique is personally focused and takes into consideration a person’s physical abilities and all safety issues are paramount.



What could be better than paddling down the Cocohatchee River with Mike Devlin leading the way? It’s a beautiful river lined with mangroves trails, views of the Gulf of Mexico and full of wildlife. His knowledge and enthusiasm made the trip extra fun and special………….. So if you find yourself in Naples, I highly recommend taking this tour.

I am so glad that I did!


Thank you Mike!
Paddling down the Cochatchee River was so much fun!! That river should be declared a National Treasure. It felt like we were way out in the wilderness despite being so close to Naples. And all those birds and a dolphin too!!!  Thanks again for a great day on the water. When my friends from Boston visit, I know just where to take them.


Thank you for this wonderful, amazing, beautiful paddle life that you brought into my life. I will always appreciate you… Master



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